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Prime Workout Programs

The Prime Program is designed to stimulate the ideal amount of metabolic stress and energy consumption within your body, making you stronger, fitter, faster, lighter and more functional!
In other words, helping you hit your Prime!

These workouts work most effectively in a combined program so that you can get the best of all training approaches throughout the week!

For optimum results it's suggested to train at least 3x per week.



Get in touch with your beast mode!
A must-have component for any program to create lasting results! Muscle is important for both metabolism and protecting your body. Our strength classes help engage your muscles so that you can push yourself harder when it counts.



High intensity resistance training.
Try your favourite weighted exercises for high volume reps and interval timers.
Push your body to the limit with this fierce combination of strength, power and fitness.



Get the best of both worlds with one of our specialties.
Shred focuses on steady controlled weights, with supersets and dropsets of cardio based burnouts!
It's a one way ticket to shred city!



Cardio, the holy grail of burning fat.
We make sure you'll do exactly that!
Cardio serves up longer working periods to keep your heart rate high and burn through calories!
The jelly legs are just bonus ;)



Tabata and sprints, battle ropes and burpees these are just a few of our favourite things.
All of which you'll find behind the doors of our dynamic H.I.I.T sessions here at Prime.


C & M

Your core and mobility allow you to lift and train safely. So in return we include C&M into our program to show some TLC to the muscles that hold us together.
You know, minus the 'tender' part.


About Us


The Prime Mission

Our greatest service is our philosophy and approach. The sole intent of this program is to help each member discover for themselves what a healthy lifestyle truly defines... A deeper appreciation for well-being and high functioning performance.

Our vision is for each member to embody the highest version of themselves and to live a life that brings you closer to your full potential, starting with your body and mind. 

Healthy living doesn't have an expiry date and is an ongoing journey of self development and discovery. We offer powerful tools and an inspiring environment that will guide you to find the best version of yourself, if that is what you seek.

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Quality Coaching and Guidance

You start your health journey at Prime with a body analysis, photos and goal setting session.
The coaching revolves your current lifestyle requirements, diet, exercise, habits, knowledge base and mindset.

Every 4 weeks you will meet with your coach to review your performance, work out new strategies and set new goals.
This keeps you accountable, feeling motivated and always moving closer to your goal.

Functional Group Training

The core component of our program is the dynamic and engaging group training.

These workouts are modeled from a combination of the most successful training strategies available.

Workouts specifically designed to burn fat, teach proper technique and build strength.

With unlimited access to sessions you'll experience an exciting range of training styles and workout modes.

You'll be feeling stronger, lighter, more mobile, more confident, more toned and more energetic!

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Industry Leading Technology

Watch your calories and heart rate in real-time while you train with our advanced MYZONE monitors.
We use these statistics to track your fitness over time and compete in exciting monthly challenges.
If you enjoy seeing the numbers and love a little friendly competition, these will seriously enhance your fitness experience!

You're a Product of Your Environment

A strong positive environment attracts and builds strong positive individuals. Your vibe attracts your tribe and if you enjoy being surrounded by driven people working on bettering themselves each day, Prime Fitness is the tribe for you!

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